Our Story


You must be wondering if Vietnamese beer has the brand name “Camel” while Desert and Camel are rare in this S-shaped country..

As you know, camel is a unique animal in the world and is very famous for its miraculous hump where most of their fat is stored, and its body is not covered in thick insulating fat like most other mammals, this helps it maintain a cool body temperature in the “deadly” heat of the desert. And this is also the inspiration that our ancestors – the creators of Vietnamese beer have launched Camel branded beer with the desire to keep the freshness, cool, rich, aromatic, and long aftertaste to overcome emotional barriers to help the drinker sublimate and remember forever.

From increasingly advanced beer production technology and a variety of carefully selected ingredients, we have met the needs of consumers by launching a variety of premium beer lines. If you want to experience the refreshing, cool feeling spread in every corner of your body with a natural drink rich in nutrients and minerals. Let our Camel Beer help you preserve this unforgettable moment.